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Service Specification

 WASKO offer covers complex services in advise, implementation and maintenance of IT&T systems for middle and large enterprises. As one of the largest Polish integrators we have competence, supported with many references, related to all IT services connected with:
  • server infrastructure,
  • data storage infrastructure (matrices, tape libraries),
  • virtualisation and operational systems,
  • archivisation and backup systems,
  • databases,
  • computing clusters / High Performance Computing,
  • high availability IT systems,
  • IT safety.


Server infrastructure

 WASKO SA performs the following server and system services:
  • designing data processing centres,
  • implementation of technologically advanced solutions based on operating systems Windows, Linux and UNX,
  • implementation of system solutions (e.g. catalogue and terminal services, PKI infrastructure) and functional software (e.g. electronic mail, database software and ERP systems),
  • migrations of IT systems to technologically latest solutions, protection of system infrastructures against unauthorised access,
  • construction of systems for confidential information processing,
  • generating documentation.
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Data storage infrastructure

WASKO SA conducts projects covering:
  • intelligent systems of mass storages with application of disc, magnetooptic and tape solutions,
  • networks of mass storages Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS),
  • automated information life management (ILM) covering among others optimisation of storage costs and long-term data storage with the use of data deduplication and classification in Tiered Storage Management systems,
  • centralisation and simplification of mass storage management through virtualisation of existing systems.
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Virtualisation and operational systems

WASKO S.A. renders consulting and implementation services covering:
  • server virtualisation based on solutions of the market leader i.e. VMware. The company has the status of VIP Enterprise Partner of VMware. WASKO also offers such virtualisation solutions as Microsoft Hyper-V, XEN Server and Kernel-based Virtual Machine.
  • Virtualisation of disc arrays based on properties and functionalities of disc arrays offered by the leading world producers Hitachi Data System, EMC, HP, Fujitsu, Dell. Thanks to application of virtualization it is possible to create one, manageable disc space constructed of physically separate disc arrays of different producers. In such a way cohesion of disc arrays is obtained, significant simplification of administration and frequently also the possibility to use advanced functions of disc devices.
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Systems of archivisation and backup

Offer of WASKO SA covers:
  • Preparation of safety policy in given organisation,
  • Preparation of backup copies and archivisation,
  • Selection and scaling of hardware layer,
  • Selection, installation and configuration of software for making backup copies and archivisation with data deduplication,
  • Data migration
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WASKO SA offers:
  • Design of system platforms for database solutions,
  • Installation and configuration of database services,
  • Conducting productivity analyses,
  • Tuning of databases,
  • Migration of data among bases.
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Computing clusters / High Performance Computing

WASKO SA performs services of design, installation and launch of coputing clusters as well as file cluster systems basing on commercial software as well as Open Source. The offer is dedicated at organisations which require great computing power with simultaneous maintenance of relatively low investment and maintenance costs. Offered by  WASKO complex support services significantly prolong the period of faultless operation and provide technical assistance on high level.
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IT Systems of high availability

WASKO offer includes:
  • Construction of productivity and reliability cluster configurations,
  • Backup, remote data centres –Disaster Recovery solutions,
  • Replication of data for large distances,
  • Installation of FT (Fault Tolerant) reliable solutions ensuring continuity of work.
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IT Safety

 Offer of WASKO SA covers:
  • protecting operating systems against intrusions and computer viruses,
  • protecting computer networks against attacks and control of acceess to resources,
  • protection of data (data safety copies, data archivisation),
  • ensuring data transmission in computer networks
 WASKO SA conducts:
  • penetration tests,
  • sociotechnical tests,
  • access control to IT systems – establishment of policy of passwords,
  • implementation of Information Safety Management System – on the basis of PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 norm,
  • trainings in Information Safety Management System, secret of enterprise as well as tasks of internal auditor within the scope of PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 norm,
  • preparation of procedures compliant with PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2013,
  • assistance in certification within PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 norm.
 The goal of execution of services in IT safety is among others
  • identification and detection of unauthorised access ways to organisation systems from outside,
  • identification and detection of weak points of IT systems,
  • verification of access to separated IT resources for authorised people,
  • assessment of threats and their neutralisation,
  • suggesions of preventive measures.


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