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WASKO at the World ITS Congress 

 WASKO S.A. participated in the 22nd ITS Congress in Bordeaux, France from 5th to 9th  October. The Congress was the largest world event in the sector of smart systems and transport services. The motto of this year’s event Towards Intelligent Mobility – Better Use of Space attracted attention to the influence of smart mobility on life of city dwellers.In the event over 10 thousan experts, specialists and private sector leaders as well as the world of science and public administration took part. During the congress over 250 conferences and seminars took place, there was a fair with participation of 350 exhibitors, 35 live shows and two competitions.


Representatives of WASKO S.A. presented solutions for transport delivered by WASKO Corporate Group, mainly:


    Telemetric 1  road infrastructure

 We provide professional solutions for building advanced road infrastructure. From analysis and design to launch complete environment such as traffic light controllers, CCTV and ANPR cameras, Bluetooth, induction loop and other detectors. Traffic management system processes data from telemetric road infrastructure in a centralized mode. The system has the ability to control the numerous junctions in real time. It is looking for optimal solutions of global traffic management and minimizes problems associated with congestions in urban traffic. 

 sdip  Information 1 for passengers and drivers

 Our solution provides information about predicted departures of public transport vehicles, congestion, diversions, alternative routes, traffic incidents, meteorological information, parking occupancy, images from selected cameras etc. This dynamic information is provided to city residents through multiple media: VMS, electronic displays, Internet portal and mobile application. 

   On-board equipment

 On-board equipment delivers comprehensive solution – hardware and software related to:
  • dynamic passenger information and advertisements broadcast,
  •  video monitoring,
  • RFID proximity card reader which allows the driver  identification, permission control to start the vehicle,
  • on-line monitoring various vehicle parameters such as:  GPS position, speed, fuel level and others.

    Traffic management 1  centre system

 WASKO provides open platform which enables effective traffic and public transport management. It consists of following functionalities:
  • centralized real time traffic management,
  • CCTV and video detection of traffic flow, red light violations and accidents,
  • supervision of public transport,
  • GIS visualization of spatial data along with the current measurement data, traffic incidents and state of ITS components,
  • hardware and software maintenance of ITS components and devices,
  • comprehensive business intelligence.


 WASKO ITS is dedicated at city agglomerations, transportation associations as well as city clusters, which aim at increase in  city transportation efficiency, improve traffic safety and increase usability of city transport.Folder


 WASKO Automatic Depot Management System is a solution dedicated at handling modern tram depots. The main task is automated traffic management on the territory of the depot with high level of safety. Folder



 Voyager Dynamic Information System for Passengers is a modern IT system applied for the purpose of precise passenger information as to scheduled rides of collective transport. It is addressed at both public road and rail transport.Folder


ENTE as a partner offers the following systems:




 AWIA Locator Module LC device is designed to determine the geographical location of the object, the motion parameters and additional information about the machine or vehicle. The collected data are transmitted via the GSM network to the control center



 AWIA Locator 3G Module is an advanced device enabling not only specifying geographical location of an object, measurement of many vehicle parameters, machine or locomotive but also thanks to built-in industrial computer it constitutes autonomous control unit. Applied advanced hardware and software solutions guarantee correct device’s work even in the most difficult conditions of the environment.


  AWIA Terminal TS-5

 AWIA Terminal TS-5 is a versatile, configurable appliance having terminal functions or on-board computer. AWIA Terminal TS-5 is designed especially for mobile use in buses and long-distance transport, trucks, passenger cars and rail vehicles.

awia dotykowy

  Terminal TS-10

 TS-10 terminal is an industrial touch panel with built-in industrial computer and dedicated software based on Linux. The terminal enables visualization of parameters monitored by devices among others the series of AWIA Locator LC and 3G.

terminal znakowy

  AWIA Terminal MTE-15

 AWIA Terminal MTE-15 is a complete solution focused character terminal functions, the reader tachograph, the measuring device, the controller peripherals. AWIA Terminal is an extension module functionality AWIA Locator.

system monitoroweania skrzyzowan


 The SmartLight system is used to register vehicles crossing crossing on the stop light, according to earlier defined bank conditions.


 AWIA SDIP is an integrated system for passenger traffic information management. System contains onboard equipment installed on the vehicle and management software available from dispatcher’s center

   AWIA Horyzont

 AWIA HORYZONT it technologically advanced system supporting safe driving in limited visibility
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