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Service characteristics

 For many years WASKO SA has been specialised in advisory and implementaiton of print optimisation costs in large and middle enterprises. Exploitation costs connected with maintenance of printers, scanners, photocopiers and plotters are a significant position in every modern company. Despite introducing solutions of electronic document flow these costs are constantly increasing, which is connected with workers’ habits, office red tape as well as the lack of appropriate awareness.


 Experts from WASKO SA will help in ‘controling’ the problem of increasing printing costs thanks to implementaiton of appropriate printing policies. Preparation of new policies will be preceded by the analysis of current state i.e. stock taking, interviews with administrators and decision makers. Achievable indicators will be specified and potential savings connected with it will be calculated. Their acceptance will allow for shifting to implementation of appropriate tools: system (application) for print management and safe print infrastructure.



 Implementation of print management system enables the following:
  • Implementation of confidential and pull printing released by an employee for the purpose of minimization of waste of exploitation materials,
  • determining total cost of printing and copying and assessing possible savings,
  • identifying the use of particular devices for the purpose of environment optimization – devices whose exploitation is expensive are marginalized,
  • print policies management – specification of print quality in reference to document types or people commissioning the print,
  • full record and control of prints/copies in ‘on-line’ mode,
  • transfer of print recording on the level of MPK (place of cost establishment in accounting system) or employee,
  • specification of results of optimization and the way of further environment improvement – hints for purchase of more optimal devices, withdrawal of rarely used models etc.


  • Monitoring and recording the amount and costs of prints/copies.Pull print.Confidential print (contactless ID card /login and password/PIN).Definition and control of printing policies (e.g. limitations in the form of blocking some forms of defined sorts and types of documents, selected devices and/or selected user groups, blocking colour print for selected user groups).Enforcement of double sided print on the level of device or print server.Access authorization to device by means of individual user ID (login) and password.Creation/generation of detailed reports concerning calculation of costs of reports concerning calculation of costs of prints, copies and scans with the possibility of division into MPK (cost establishment places), users, organizational units.Detection of network connections malfunctions of print servers and printing devices.

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