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OpenEye Centrum system is dedicated at private and state owned companies, public institutions, healthcare units and all other entities aiming at implementation of working time registration for their employees and increase in the level of security inside their organisations.It is inevitable for firms and institutions possessing or applying for facility security clearance.


OpenEye CENTRUM provides:
  • Increase in the level of security for the  company and assets,
  • Speeding the process of time settlement for all employees,
  • The possibility of control by supervisors,
  • The possibility to track current position of workers or guests,
  • Generation of business reports and analyses for managing staff,
  • Lowering of labour costs.


OpenEye CENTRUM is the system offering the most complete set of functions both in access control and working time registration as well as in integration with CCTV and burglary prevention systems. It fully complies with requirements of labour law as to settlement of attendance of employees in the place of work. It is designed for installation in standalone buildings and in large geographically dispersed complexes.Open Eye CENTRUM system integrates with ERP (DAX, SAP). It allows to create any access control zones in buildings or facilities basing on hardware of various manufacturers. It cooperates with the majority of popular access control devices such as contactless readers, recorders and exchanges. The system allows for dynamic configuration of authorisations for people on the territory of the company enabling their movement within selected zones. It also cooperates with any elements of active personal traffic control e.g. turnstiles, gates, electric locks etc.The system enables creation of any number of zones of working time registration. The data are automatically exchanged with HR system, thanks to which verification of absence of employees is significantly simplified. Working time settlement of your employees has never been so convenient.

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