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Service characteristics

WASKO S.A. offers complex package of support and service of ICT systems both in terms of guarantee and post-guarantee options. These services concern client infrastructure encompassing the following: 1. workstations 2. mobile computers 3. accessories 4. equipment and printing systems
5. consumables 6. server systems (the majority of hardware platforms and tool software) 7. mass memory systems 8. network infrastructure 9. infrastructure for making backup copies and archivisation The offer also concerns support in maintenance of selected software.

Types of services

 Office platform service is a service offered in some exploitation fields.1. Service and maintenance of implemented IT services.The service encompasses complex post-implementation care for systems implemented both by WASKO and other entities. The condition for covering systems implemented by other entities with the care is conducting audit or a survey whose result will be preparation of the checklist of compliance with WASKO competence.2. Service and maintenance of computer and peripheral hardware. It encompasses:•  diagnosis of computer hardware, •  service expert’s opinion, •  remote and ‘on-site’ service – in the place of device installation, •  periodic maintenance and inspections.
3. Outsourcing of services. The service encompasses: •  supervision of correct and faultless operation of exploitation environment, •  exploitation advisory, •  IT trainings of workers 4. Audits of ICT environment (opis w zakładce „Audyt IT”)
5. Additional services. The service concerns: •  relocation of computer hardware and peripheral devices, •  stock-taking of devices in client’s seat, •  deliveries of consumables, •  preventive visits. 6. Post-implementation guarantee and post-guarantee service, maintenance of systems.

Why is it worth selecting service at WASKO?

 WASKO S.A. is one of the leading integration companies. Since 1988 (i.e. establishment of the enterprise) it has delivered services, whose development is caused by rising client needs and requirements.The most important advantages of WASKO service:
  • 15 branches in the whole Poland – possibility to reach clients within 2-3 hours to any place in Poland,
  • the service rendered on the basis of standards specified by the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001: 2000, AQAP 2110,
  • the possibility of notifying defects and service availability: 7 days a week and 24 hours a day (7x24x365),
  • rendering services on the territory of the whole country with guaranteed SLA time,
  • dedicated ITSM Front Range system for service handling,
  • all day phone and fax number,
  • the possibility of receiving notifications by e-mail,
  • the possibility of service provision outside service working hours indicated in the contract,
  • performing services in the place of device installation,
  • in case of lack of malfunction removal at Client’s there is a possibility of providing back-up equipment for the time of repair (with the same or higher parameters),
  • works are conducted by our own trained technical and engineering staff,
  • guarantee of maintaining the highest level of information confidentiality and security – workers providing the service have Safety Certificates with the access to ‘confidential’ and ‘secret’ information.
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