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WASKO VOYAGER object satellite management and positioning system is dedicated at companies and institutions aiming at management of fleet of vehicles and machines as well as fixed and mobile object. It was prepared for the purpose of supporting logistic processes, ensuring safety, decrease in exploitation costs as well as working time control of possessed means of transport.


WASKO VOYAGER uses technology of GPS satellite navigation system and wireless transmission of data collected on vehicles in real time is conducted by means of GSM / GPRS. All significant parameters concerning monitored objects as well as remote management of work of installed devices rendered available by the Internet platform as managing software with vector map of Poland and Europe.

System functions

  • Indication of the object position, direction and parameters of board devices,
  • All day access to up-to-date and archive information about objects,
  • Presentation of locations of monitored objects on particular digital city maps and road maps of Poland and Europe,
  • Remote launch of devices installed on a vehicle,
  • Activation of alarm mode by the system of movement sensors,
  • Complex analysis of routes made and exploitation costs,
  • Monitoring, analysis of time and mode of work of vehicles,
  • Defining areas and target points,
  • Conducting files with record of vehicles, group of vehicles,
  • Text communication with a driver and dispatcher,
  • Generating reports and alarms,
  • Provision to selected system users reports with the use of electronic mail or SMS .


  • Efficient protection against theft of a vehicle and load,
  • Management of fleet, optimisation and supervision of costs,
  • Control of staff work reliability,
  • Increase in drivers’ work discipline,
  • Increase in safety of drivers,
  • Improvement of company image (punctuality, speed, reliability),
  • Reduction of losses incurred as a result of incorrect use of the rolling stock,
  • Optimisation of costs connected with malfunction removal,
  • Facilitation of organisation of logistic processes.


System capabilities

WASKO VOYAGER provides in the form of maps, charts and tables information concerning the following:
  • vehicle geographical position,
  • route and its all parameters e.g. number of kilometers, speed, fuel consumption etc.
  • time and mode of work of a vehicle or driver (driving, stopt with engine switched on or off, break, waiting for loading etc. ),
  • work parameters of selected devices on a vehicle e.g. detection,
  • fuel shortages outside exploitation, information about unauthorised opening of loading space etc.
  • archive data collected in the system.

Our references

Rail transport sector
  • Grupa DB Schenker Rail Polska
  • Grupa CTL Logistics
  • CTL Maczki Bór
  • Captrain Polska sp.z o.o.
  • PKP IC
Communal sector
  • SITA Polska
  • SITA Częstochowa
  • SITA Bielsko – Biała
  • SITA Południe
  • MPO Toruń,
  • MPO Łódź,
  • ONYX Kielce
  • UM Ustroń
  • EKO-ZAG Tychy
  • MZK Stalowa-Wola
  • ZGK Zawiercie
  • AG – Complex
  • RPZ Kielce
Transport sector
  • Provimi – Rolimpex
  • Bolix
  • ZetTransport
  • CTL MB (mining plant)
And many others
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