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IntraDOK Electronic System of Document Flow is information management platform and support for business processes dedicated to:
  • modern entities of public and private sphere in which efficient and reliable flow of documents and issues,
  • companies which are interested in system and efficient delegation of tasks to particular entities and people,
  • organisations possessing archives of documents for which reliable access is necessary from various locations as well as quick search for contents inside them,
  • public administration units performing statutory handling of citizen cases.


IntraDOK System enables:
  • digitalisation of incoming documents and archiving existing resources,
  • quick registration and classification of documents on the basis of OCR,
  • speeding and facilitiating of the flow of documents, issues, tasks, orders etc.
  • creation of own processes of flow and approval of tasks, documents and issues (WorkFlow),
  • integration of functionalities of electronic document flow with external systems by means of modeling own WorkFlow processes,
  • creation of reports and surveys within Business Intelligence module,
  • workers time management (individual and group schedules),
  • management of workers absence (e.g. holiday, substitution, delegation),
  • management of company bookings (rooms, fleet, equipment etc.).


Electronic document archivingIntraDOK System enables conversion of documents from paper to electronic form. Document scanning takes place on the level of registry office or secretary’s office making use of the Internet browser and appropriate scanner.Security of stored information

IntraDOK has embedded security mechanisms such as RBAC (Role Based Access Control). Thanks to this a user is only granted access to documents and functions resulting from his/her authorisations and competence. Each operation on document is registered in internal event log. Authentication of documents with the use of electronic signature by particular system users give a guarantee of its authenticity.

Database of telephone and address details IntraDOK has the possibility of creating phone and address database of contractors, personal database of workers as well as defined groups of contacts. These contacts are organized in ordered form thanks to which management of relations is much simpler and more intuitive than until now.
Immediate access to documents The conversion of the document form from paper to electronic form allows for immediate access for a large group of users at the same time from the level of WWW browsers. Management of tasks and business processes (Workflow)Characteristical feature of IntraDOK is integration of function of electronic document flow with modelling business processes on any level of details, which results from specific work conditions in a given company or institution. Management of document lifecycle The system is capable of reflect a document lifecycle in an organisation (e.g.: incoming  -> registration in the system -> formal verification and description -> approval -> provision for payment -> archiving). IntraDOK allows for specification of various cycles for various types of documents.   
Integration IntraDOK enables easy integration of document flow with external systems thanks to application of popular exchange mechanisms. The mechanisms are available in the form of easily configurable components which are introduced to Workflow process by means of a graphic tool. Easy search for information Search for documents in IntraDOK is conducted by means of intuitive graphic tool. There is a possibility to apply ready search filters as well as fields specified by a user.intradok_graf


IntraDOK ensures: •     lower exploitation costs connected with smaller number of printed and sent documents (cartridges, paper, stamps),
  • significant acceleration of information flow,
  • reducing to zero the risk of losing a document,
  • full identification of user activities in reference to documents, issues and tasks,
  • document protection against unauthorised access,
  • full automation of repeatable procedures – resulting in higher work productivity,
  • support during obtaining or maintenance of ISO standards in the organisation.

Our references

  • Alior Bank S.A.
  • The City Office of Krakow
  • City Transport Enterprise in Krakow
  • The Police Voivodship Headquarters in Krakow
  • Marshall Office of Dolnoslaskie Voivodship in Wrocław
  • Marshall Office of Pomorskie Voivodship in Gdansk
  • Central Directorate of State Archives
  • Mota Engil Central Europe S.A.
  • Centre for Oncology, Branch in Gliwice
  • Chief Mining Authority in Katowice
  • Kompania Węglowa in Katowicach
  • Katowicki Holding Węglowy in Katowice
  • RMF Group
  • City Transport Enterprise in Wrocław
  • Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne – Południe S.A. in Katowice
  • National Centre for Research and Development in Warsaw
  • National Health Fund in Krakow and many others.
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