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WASKO ITS is dedicated at city agglomerations, transportation associations as well as city clusters, which aim at increase in  city transportation efficiency, improve traffic safety and increase usability of city transport.


WASKO ITS is a group of subsystem allowing for the following:
  • efficient traffic management and public transport,
  • improvement of conditions in vehicle traffic and other traffic,
  • priority application for collective communication,
  • informing passengers by means of using electronic media about available collective means of transport allowing for reaching the target,
  • informing drivers about current traffic conditions with the use of electronic media,
  • planning and development of transport infrastructure thanks to rich analytical material.


Complex implementation of WASKO ITS:
  • improves traffic flow, decreases the number of road accidents, enables ‘green wave’ for public transportation vehicles, medical rescue service and uniformed services;
  • increases citizen comfort in making use of public transport;
  • shortens commuting time by means of city transport;
  • supports activities of the Police and Municipal Guard;
  • reduces emission of fumes;
  • changes the city image for ‘resident friendly’.


Intelligent Transport System implementation  requires conducting a range of operations covering analytical, design and construction works as well as engineering in the following fields : city transport, environmental protection, telecommunications, IT and automation. WASKO SA possesses proven competence in complex execution of transport systems.With the implemented projects WASKO SA: 
  • modernised 157 crossroads with traffic lights creating 7 areas  of traffic control in real time;
  • built a few thousand kilometers of communication conduits;
  • provided a few thousand kilmeters of electric installation and fibre optic network;
  • installed over 2 thousand new elements of area infrastructure;
  • equipped 650 city transport vehicles with board devices;
  • installed and connected nearly 100 video surveillance cameras and over 750 video detection cameras;
  • installed over 250 stop passenger information boards ;
  • launched over 50 cameras recognising vehicle plate numbers ;
  • built 13 gantries with variable message boards
  • equipped and launched Data Processing Centre for the needs of city investment projects;

The most important projects

  • Intelligent Transport System in Wrocław- ZDIUM Wrocław;
  • Dynamic Passenger Information System    – MZKP Tarnowskie Góry;
  • Dynamic Passenger Information System – The City Office of Płock ;

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