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Service characteristics

WASKO S.A. Training Centre by virtue of Silesian Education Board Director’s decision is considered an accredited centre for long life learning. We have accreditation for conducting sector and specialist trainings in data bases, operating systems, analytical and settlement systems. The training centre cooperates with WASKO Corporate Group as an entity conducting trainings connected with the offered own products e.g. SZYK2, KSAT, MEDIQUS and implementations.
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The offer

WASKO SA Training Centre possesses wide technical, staff and scientific resources offering the following trainings:
  • technical in IT,
  • concerning soft skills (NLP, HR, etc.),
  • connected with project management techniques.
We have well equipped training rooms and logistic infrastructure. We cooperate with the best lecturers and specialists who professionally deal with conducting courses and trainings. We conduct trainings for large groups of participants for the purpose of improving their professional qualifications, which take place within projects co-financed from EU funds.