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Service characteristics

  Service Desk is the most cost efficient and the fastest contact form between a client and WASKO company, which works in 24x7x365 mode. It provides one point of contact with the service making use of various communication methods i.e. e-mail, fax, phone and www. It ensures standardisation of customer service and maintenance of its unalterably high quality.

The Offer

  We propose cooperation in Service Desk outsourcing. The organisation of WASKO ServiceDesk offers the possibility of handling many entities at once. We provide you with dedicated channels of communication between your clients and the service centre (hotline, email alias, fax, communicator) and we provide care on agreed level. Within ServiceDesk we also recommend the service of providing specialists of the 1st line of service support.


  ServiceDesk conducts the following operations:
  • it constitutes the SPOC (single-point-of-contact),
  • it enables recording notifications under a unique ID,
  • it performs initial analysis, selection and diverting for execution,
  • it monitors the process of notification handling according to SLA,
  • it supervises work of consultants in the scope of the 1st and 2nd support line,
  • it produces statistics and reports connected with handling of notifications and work of consultants.