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WASKO OLIMP is dedicated at:
  • organisers of mass events taking place both outdoors and indoors,
  • managements of football clubs, speedway clubs and other clubs subject to requirements of the act on safety of mass events,
  • organisers of exhibitions or fairs,
  • owners of sport facilities (city sport centres, private investors).


OLIMP System is in charge of sale and distribution of tickets, identification of fans, handling sport events – both mass and open air events. It is designed to cooperate with both access control infrastructure and its own mobile devices – palmtops. OLIMP is a leading ticketing system on the Polish market, which is fully compliant with the new act on safety of mass events, granting almost 100% guarantee of fan identification during a ticket purchase and facility entry.  


OLIMP ensures:
  • immediate identification of a fan entering a stadium or sports premises – a person who bought a ticket cannot hand it to a stadium hooligan as he/she will be detected while entering the stadium,
  • instant sale of tickets in stadium ticket offices or external selling points – time of ticket selling including downloading identity document takes less than 1 minute,
  • blocking access to events for stadium hooligans (stadium bans) – control of stadium bans takes place both during ticket sale and while entering the premises,
  • detecting controller abuses and preventing people without a valid ticket from entering,
  • supervision of the number of people at the stadium, the system does not allow for sale of tickets over the safe, determined limit of places,
  • efficient traffic management while fans entering sports premises – the system gives a fan a message about the necessity to move to the right sector ,
provision of a convenient internet sales portal and reservation of places – a fan his/her own account on the portal, thanks to which he/she may order a ticket any time.

Our references

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