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Predominant part of generated profit WASKO S.A. allocates on development and investment, out of which over a half are research and development works conducted within projects financed by:

  • The National Centre for Research and Development,
  • Polish Agency for Enterprise Development,
  • Marshal Office of Silesian Voivodeship,
  • Agency for Industry Development,
  • Ministries,
as well as the programmes:
  • Operational Programmes within European Funds 2007-2013 as well as Regional Operational Programmes 2007-2013,
  • Operational Programmes within European Funds 2014-2020 as well as Regional Operational Programmes 2014-2020,
  • Strategic programmes announced by the National Centre for Research and Development,
  • programmes and projects – defence, safety announced by the National Centre for Research and Development,
  • international programmes announced by the National Centre for Research and Development,
  • Norwegian and EOG Funds for the years 2009-2014,
  • Horizon 2020.

  WASKO S.A. focuses on intensive development of R + D + I (Research + Development + Innovation). Significant part in developmental goals is played by cooperation of business with science. Preferred directions of development are a part of National Intelligent Specialization (KIS), with particular consideration of areas connected with health, bioeconomy, ecoenergetics and innovative technologies. The effect of cooperation of WASKO S.A. Corporate Group with scientific centres and R&D institutions with which close cooperation contracts were concluded constitutes portfolio of conducted and completed projects. This cooperation enables the Company constant research and development works on new products and solutions, which in a part are financed from the aid funds and programmes of the European Union. WASKO S.A., since 2009 has been implementing the decision about continuation of its products in increase in financial expenditures on conducted research and development works. To prestigious research and development as well as targetted projects in which WASKO participated belong the following:
  • project covering preparation of universal floating caterpillar platform dedicated to the army,
  • preparation of a new generation of board devices for vehicles on battlefield,
  • preparation and implementation of complex system of safe identification, authorisation and protecion of ICT resources on the basis of biometric techniques in integration with Public Key Infrastructure,
  • implementation of cryptographic system on the basis of innovative semi-conductor theories,
  • preparation of the system supporting operation and processual activities for the benefit of state defence and safety,
  • preparation and implementation of addiotional supply system in combat vehicles,
  • preparation and implementation of the platform supporting activities of Independent Measurement Operator.
  Operational segments within which new actions are conducted and undertaken aiming at preparation, production and implementation for business installation featuring high innovativeness level among high technology products are as follows:
  • communications sector,
  • government and local government administration,
  • fuel and energy sector,
  • healthcare sector,
  • sector of service and production entities.
  Market position and generated financial results have again been reflected in the rank of Gazeta Finansowa weekly according to which WASKO S.A. is on the 20th position among 100 largest companies in IT and Telecommunications
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