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WASKO Command Support System is a multitask dispatcher’s platform for coordination of rescue and order actions among others in receiving notifications and handling events, managing support teams as well as visualisation, collection and processing data originating from territorial support teams. The system ensures IT support for actions undertaken by dispatchers of the following services:
  • Fire brigade,
  • Emergency medical service, emergency mountain medical service
  • The police,
  • Municipal guard,
  • City services.


SWD System supports the process of handling events from the moment of receiving and registering the notification by diverting to appropriate support teams (e.g. Medical Rescue Team, Fire Brigade or Police) finishing on the transport of casualties to hospital. Location of particular events, position of support team and their status are constantly visualized on GIS digital maps constituting an integrated system module. SWD System ensures support for administration processes, including work schedules, settlement of working hours, planning of medicine purchases and settlement of their consumption. On the basis of collected data complete medical documentation is created enabling provision the hospital information of the condition of casualties as well as dispatcher’s settlement with National Health Fund. The system also renders available the module to creating and generating reports on the basis of the collected data.


WASKO SWD performs the following functions:
  • handling notifications and events,
  • support for receiving and filtering telephone notifications,
  • presentation of location submitting an event on numerical map ,
  • supporting registration of rescue, transport and commercial events
  • cooperation with IT System of Voivodship Rescue Notification Centres,
  • presentation of event location on digital maps:
  1. presentation of location and status of particular teams on digital maps,
  2. provision of departure orders to location of teams or onto mobile devices,
  3. planning team composition on the basis of data from work time schedules ,
  4. conducting dispatcher’s book .


  • shortening time of receiving notificaitons and indicating appropriate Medical Rescue Teams;
  • lowering costs of notification handling;
  • full record and document archiving (including medical);
  • optimisation of distribution of support teams in the field


WASKO SWD system is available in a few versions dedicated at the best cooperation with particular services:
  • the Police,
  • Medical Rescue Service,
  • Emergency Mountain Medical Service,
  • Municipal Guard.
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