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WASKO Corporate Group covers the subsidiaries: COIG S.A., COIG Software Sp z o.o. D2S Sp. z o.o. GABOS SOFTWARE Sp. z o.o. Logic Snergy Sp. z o.o. SPC-1 Sp. z o.o. Share of WASKO S.A. in initial capital of these companies is shown in the picture below.
  COIG S.A. with its registered office in Katowice is a supplier of complex, dedicated IT solutions supporting management processes in mining and industrial enterprises. The company is also  a producer of software for public sector, especially for local government units, supporting all administration processes, including financial ones. COIG S.A. also delivers solutions for  healthcare entities. The company was purchased by WASKO S.A. from the State Treasury in privatisation proces of a state-owned enterprise by virtue of the Contract dated 05.06.2012. The subject of transaction were 459,000 shares constituting 86% of initial capital handed to WASKO on 20 September 2012. As of the day of drafting hereby report share of WASKO S.A. increased by 4439 shares as a result of their purchase from other shareholders, who purchased the shares from the State Treasury free of charge by virtue of privatisation and enterprise commercialization act. Currently the number of shares of COIG S.A. held by WASKO S.A. amounts to 463,439, which constitutes 85.8 % share in initial capital.

  D2S Sp. z o.o. with its office in Gliwice was created in May 2012. The subject of the activity of D2S Sp. z o.o. is, among others, design, production and exploitation of fibre optic networks.  

GABOS SOFTWARE Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Bytom is a supplier of complex IT solutions for enterprises in medical sector. The flagship product of GABOS is Mediqus solutions family, which aims at complex service of hospitals in medical and administrational aspect.