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Voyager Dynamic Information System for Passengers is a modern IT system applied for the purpose of precise passenger information as to scheduled rides of collective transport. It is addressed at both public road and rail transport.  

Integration with telematic solutions

Voyager enables integration with existing infrastructure of various manufacturers such as:
  • LCD or LED passenger information boards,
  • On-board computers /GPS transmitters
  • Applications managing timetables.


Voyager is the system whose main goal is provision for public transport passengers up-to-date information about real arrival time at a bus/tram or train stop. The information is presented on passenger information boards made in LCD or LED technology. Passenger information boards present the following data:
  • up-to-date time;
  • line number/name;
  • timetable departure time;
  • delay/acceleration;
  • destination;
  • additional information sent by traffic dispatcher.
Voyager SDIP enables sharing with passenger the information about current position of a public transport vehicle on the map, ride delay or acceleration. The information is also available from the level of the Internet browser as well as dedicated application for a smartphone.


for passengers:
  • it represents information about timetable and prognosed arrival time of buses, trams, trolleybuses or trains at stops by means of variable message electronic boards;
  • it displays additional messages concerning difficulties in traffic;
  • it provides information about current position of buses on www.

 for transport organiser:
  • it provides presentation of current position of vehicles with location of stops;
  • it allows to observe current and archived courses of vehicles;
  • it enables indication of delayed and cancelled rides;
  • it provides management of variable message boards (defects, content previews, work parameters).

Our references

Inter-Borough Association of Passenger Transport in Tarnowskie Góry:
  • 120 city transport vehicles;
  • 8 dynamic passenger information boards;
Road and City Maintenance Management of Wrocław:
  • 230 trams and 350 city transport vehicles;
  • 220 dynamic passenger information boards;
The City Office of Płock:
  • 200 city transport vehicles;
  • 20 dynamic passenger information boards
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