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 WASKO S.A. aiming at constant innovation and growth is backed by its vast experience and highly qualified human resources. Every employee is given the possibility of getting promotion and planning their career paths according to their interests and preferences. We do not only attract motivated and talented professionals but we also create their careers and continually inspire them to professional training. People make WASKO competitive on  IT market. Within 24 years of WASKO’s business activity we have generated a unique job climate,  which is composed of the following core values: 

kareiera_08     CREATIVITY

the company implements many innovative and unique ideas

kareiera_03    ACTIVITY

beyond work environment our employees participate in various recreation and sport activities, which are subsidized by our company,

kareiera_05    COMMUNITY

we organize various integration meetings, culture events going outs and trips etc.


kareiera_14    COOPERATION

our employees willingly cooperate and support each other while working on projects,

kareiera_17   DEVELOPMENT

our company develops due to permanent competencies and qualifications improvement of its human resources both in terms of their technical know-how and interpersonal skills,



The career path in our company is transparent and possible to achieve by everyone who is talented,

ambitious, willing to take up effort and new challenges.

You can begin your career at WASKO while being a student of 8th or 9th semester, graduating from a university

or having already achieved professional experience.



We are pleased to guarantee our employees the following:

  • zatrudnienie w stabilnej i rozwijającej się firm
  • employment in a stable and developing company
  • possibility of working in one of 15 branches located in Poland
  • good salary adequate to competence
  • possibility of participation in interesting IT projects
  • improvement of professional competence and knowledge
  • possibility of subsidized participation in studies and language courses
  • subsidized tickets for sport and cultural events
  • possibility of subsidies for sport activities
  • wild range of trainings’ offer (technical and  interpersonal)
  • additional medical care
  • life insurance
  • modern technologies and attractive tools
  • friendly atmosphere

Additionally, students that we employ enjoy the following:

Flexible working hours
Practical support in writing theses
Practical support in writing theses
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