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WASKO CallMax is a system dedicated at construction of a modern Call/Contact Center, allowing for management of customer relations by means of many communication channels – telephone, VoIP, fax, e-mail, SMS or text communicator. It is addressed at firms and institutions whose main operation are intensive commercial relations, customer service or high level SLA.


  • Increase in efficiency of Call Center agents work;
  • Improvement of customer service standard;
  • Optimization of talking time taking into consideration needs of an interlocutor;
  • Increase in the level of client satisfaction;
  • Control of the quality of work of agents;
  • Decrease in costs connected with running multimedia and telemarketing campaigns.


CallMax is a cost efficient and fast manner of contacting clients with the use of Call Center tools. This enables efficient reaching clients, thanks to which it is an ideal means to run a hotline, telesales, market research, handling notifications and complaints, telephone debt collection, a virtual office or large scope marketing campaigns (i.e. for large number of clients).CallMax is equipped with the set of functions enabling optimization of system users work (agents), preparation of reports from conducted projects, settlement of costs of calls, permanent monitoring of the whole CallCenter.


  • Automatic diverting of incoming calls to consultants or information services;
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) handling a multi-level menu;
  • History of customer relations;
  • Recording calls;
  • Management of marketing campaigns;
  • Support for scenarios of calls;
  • Settlement of telecom traffic costs;
  • Visualisation of information in the form of text reports and graphs.

Our references

  • Polska Organizacja Turystyczna
  • Polskie Książki Telefoniczne
  • Telekomunikacja Novum
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