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Awia Horyzont System by ENTE (WASKO Group) is a revolutionary safety system dedicated to protection of people and occupational accident prevention. It is addressed at companies making use in their production and logistics of various transport vehicles such as tractors, forklifts, excavators etc. 


Awia Horyzont is a complex of devices whose main aim is communicating to the operator (driver) visual and accoustic information about appearance of man in a machine’s proximity as well as distance and direction of approaching. At the same time a man is warned by horn signalling direct collision threat. 

Element components

AWIA Horyzont consists of the following elements:
  • Driver’s terminal (module installed inside a vehicle),
  • Personal transmitter (module carried by workers),
  • Charging rack (a device recharging transmitters installed at the entrance to a plant),
  • Receiving antennas (installed on vehicles).
Information about detecting ‘an intruder’ is presented in graphic form on driver’s terminal display and in accoustic form with the use of a loudspeaker connected with the terminal. Workers are equipped in personal transmitters – carrying them is compulsory on the territory of the plant. These transmitter emit a signal which is received by antennas mounted on a vehicle i.e. directional detectors. Proximity and ‘intruder’ approaching direction are indicated on the basis of digital analysis of signals in real time. The terminal is equipped with mechanical active deadman, by means a driver each time acknowledges receiving ‘red’ alarm.

Our references

Kronopol Sp. z o.o. – a part of Swiss Krono Group holding (in progres)
awia_horyzont_graf11. Threat detection within the system coverage – intruder in the proximity of about 15m. The terminal – green signalling, short single horn blow. awia_horyzont_graf22.  Approaching the vehicle – intruder in the proximity of about 10m. The terminal – yellow signalling, two short horn blowing sounds. awia_horyzont_graf33.  Dangerous vehicle approaching – intruder in the proximity of 7m. The terminal – red alarm, a series of short horn blowing sounds, the necessity to stop the vehicle.
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