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The offer of contruction of Air Traffic Control Systems is dedicated at all organisational units of Polish Air Navigations Systems Agency as well as managers of airports. WASKO SA for many years has been cooperating with these institutions, the result of the cooperation being many turn-key projects (design, build and launch) in the field of CNS (Communication, Navigation and Survailance) and ATC (Air Traffic Control).


WASKO SA delivers and implements solutions of leading world radio communications producers (VHF/UHF radio stations) and radio navigation (navigation devices DME, DVOR, ILS). We have partner agreements with the highest evaluated producers of subsystems, components and supplementing elements i.e. specialised VHF/UHF antenna systems, radio filters, devices for wired communications (multiplexers, routers and network relays), optical converters for data transmission, aviation signaling lamps, specialist installation racks as well as many subsystems necessary for each such implementation. WASKO service is complex and it covers coordination of works and supervision over building subcontractors as well as producers of concrete teletechnical containers, towers and prestressed concrete masts and steel constructions. The most important value of the WASKO offer are highly qualified and experienced engineers in the field of designing objects and infrastructure as well as managing and administering projects. WASKO possesses a team of specialists with the highest qualifications in installation, configuration and maintenance of the offered solutions. They hold certificates issued by producers as the outcomes specialist trainings.

Why is it worth choosing WASKO?

  • Several successful completed implementations countrywide,
  • Long experience and numerous company competencies obtained in execution of telecommunications (GSM, LAN/WAN, fibre optic) and low voltage projects (SN, NN lines), without which offering services in CNS/ATC sector would be impossible,
  • 16 branches on the territory of the country and ServiceDesk available for clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which may guarantee access of service workers to any place in the country within 4 hours,
  • Appropriate financial and HR potential for management of investment undertakings.

Our references

Four radiocommunication centres Gdańsk – design, construction, equipment and launch of radio communications centres (OR) for the needs of managing air traffic in the towns of: Trzebielino, Kokoszki, Somonino and Złota Karczma;Four radiocommunication centres Grajewo – design and supply and launch of telecom systems for OR Grajewo, Stare Iganie, Jędrzejów and TrzebnicaConstruction of fibre optic relations – design and implementation of fibre optic communications systems at the airports of Gdańsk, Pułtusk,Warszawa and Wrocław;Integrated System of Telecom Network Management in 10 locations of PANSA – delivery, installation, configuration and launch of telecom devices and computer hardware alongside with OpenEye Integrated System of Telecom Network Management;PSR/MSSR – design of objects of collocated PSR/MSSR radars for the airports in Ławica-Poznań and Wrocław;
Communications centre Szczecin – design, construction, equipment and launch of Radiocommunications Centre Szczecin in the town of Chociwel with technical infrastructure;Radiocommunications Centre Poznań – design and construction of the radio communications facility Poznań with technical infrastructure and delivery of radio communication devices in Poznań airport;Radiocommunications Centre Włocławek-Drezdenko – design, construction, equipment and launch of the radio communications facility in the town of Włocławek (OR Włocławek) and construction of Radio Communication facility in Niegosław (OR Drezdenko) with necessary accompanying infrastructure;DVOR/DME Czempiń – design, construction, equipment and launch of radio navigation facility DVOR/DME Czempiń with necessary technical infrastructure;DME Jędrzejów – design, construction, equipment and launch of radio navigation facility DME Jędrzejów with necessary accompanying infrastructure;
TWR Rzeszów – technical and operation equipment of air traffic control tower TWR Rzeszów at Rzeszów airport;TWR Poznań – technical and operation equipment of air traffic control TWR Poznań at Poznań airport;TWR Łódź – technical and operation equipment of air traffic control TWR Łódź;VHF Katowice-Wrocław – delivery and assembly of HF radio communication systems in Katowice and Wrocław airports;Last Resort – delivery and installation of battery radio systems Last Resort in the 10 largest Polish airports;
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